Privacy Policy


Our policy is to maintain the confidential information of clients and customers so as to fulfill privacy policies, which we have adopted and which we give to each client and customer when requested. Polices are subject to change from time to time. The following represents our current policies:As licensed real estate brokers there is certain information which we are required to obtain in order to provide service to clients and customers. Beyond that information we attempt to collect only limited information necessary to accomplish the specific objectives of our clients and customers.

We will only obtain information from you in accordance with our privacy policy. In an electronic network environment, it is particularly important that you provide us only with information which is requested of you in the context of our services.

We will use and disclose your information only in accordance with our private policy. Certain exceptions, such as law enforcement or security, may warrant reuse of data for other purposes. Every staff person and every real estate licensee affiliated with our office is required to review our privacy policies, acknowledge their receipt and confirm their agreement to abode strictly and be accountable for violations of our client and customer privacy policies. Any salesperson or staff member who violates our privacy policies is subject to dismissal.

Our Policy


Compliance with all laws: All disclosures of private information by this real estate brokerage firm shall be consistent with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations and shall not be used for any unlawful or discriminatory purpose. Our firm will maintain such information for compliance with out licensure under New York State Law with the pursuant to the Real Property Law of the State of New York and the requirements of the Division of Licensing Services of the New York State Department.

No Discriminatory Purpose: We will provide information regarding our clients and customers to our staff members, licensed salespersons and to others only for the purposes set forth in our privacy policy. Under no circumstances will such information be used or delivered for any discriminatory purpose.

Our staff is accountable: each employee and salesperson affiliated with our firm will be held accountable for the use of the private client information which we request of clients and customers. Each staff person and salesperson is required to abide by this policy statement and ensure the maintenance of the safeguards relating to the client information and customer information received by such staff person or salespersons.

Training: Each staff person and salesperson is required to attend a training session regarding the maintenance of the privacy of information provided by our clients and customers. Each participant in such training is required to acknowledge his or her attendance and agreement to comply with such training and policies established by or firm.

Discipline for Non-Compliance: Each staff member and salesperson is subject to disciplinary action by our firm up to and including dismissal in the event that the information provided by any client or customer is misused or not handled in such a manner as to safeguard the information from access in accordance with our company’s policies.

Reporting of Non- Compliance: Each staff person and salesperson is required to communicate to the office manager any known breach or non-compliance with any of the policies of this firm by any other person affiliated with our office.

While Silversons Realty is not an entity which is regulated under federal law and is not required to provide you with a privacy notice, we do understand that when you provide confidential information to us about your finances and personal information, you do so expecting the highest level of confidentiality, security, and privacy. Our firm has voluntarily adopted a privacy policy which we would like you to know about.

a. We do not sell information about you to others
b. We protect the security and confidentiality of information which you provide to us.
c. We share information outside of our company only when necessary to administer and provide the services which you have asked us to provide. We will only, with your permission or when required by law to do so, share the information with designated recipients. Our firm maintains a philosophy which seeks to honor our relationship of trust and mutual respect. We understand that the privacy and security of the information that you personally supplied to us is important to you. We have, therefore. Created our privacy policy to maintain our commitment to ensure the protection of your information.
You will find a copy of this Privacy Policy Statement and any updates on our website. Please review it and be certain that if you have questions about it, you communicate with us. We reserve the right to amend the Privacy Policy Statement at any time by notifying you. Please review it and be certain that if you have questions about it, you communicate with us.

Information Collected


We will collect information from you in order to respond to your request for the services which our firm provides. Depending on the services you have requested, this information may include but is not limited to your name, address, zip code, email address, telephone number, a log in name, password, whether you are buying, selling, seeking to lease or rent real property, information about the properties in which you are interested or which you own and whether you are seeking to lease or rent real property, information about the properties in which you are interested or which you own and whether you are seeking to purchase or lease property as well as your home search criteria.